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OMISMEDIA – Performance Based Marketing


Mobile Advertising

Advertising trend is now shifting towards mobile advertising. It will soon take over and become a leading medium of advertising. It might soon beat desktop by the end of 2019. Here is why

  • Throughout 2020, mobile ad revenue will be raised by 26.5%.
  • It will become the fastest-growing channel for advertising.
  • Mobile search ad spend is expected to increase by 25.2% while desktop ad search will decline at the same time.

These are future forecasts reported by business insider. It’s not shocking, as studies show that we spend 85% of our mobile time on apps.


By the term mobile advertising, probably the first thing that comes into your mind are those irrelevant, useless and annoying ads that pop up into your phone while using the internet for any purpose. But those are not always annoying, useless. In fact, they have improved pretty much in terms of quality.

Today, marketers have multiple options to choose from, as the type of ad they want to use. And they are successfully gaining profit through these ads.

From stats, it’s clearly concluded that mobile ads are one of the greatest sources of profit and lead conversion. But often many businesses are not investing much money into it. It deserves more and better investment to fully reach its potential.

This post has been broken down into several parts, each describing types of mobile ads to make it easier to select one of those for your business.


The following are the options you have while selecting the best advertising strategy for your business.


Used to communicate your company’s vision and story, video advertising is a powerful way to convert potential buyers into regular customers.

Through video ads, you give a message with clear, rich visuals and easy to understand information. It can lead you to a bigger amount of conversion and create more brand awareness among your customers. Its convenient way of delivering complex information in a simple way makes it one of the best strategy. Which is why 90% of the users said that product video is helpful.

Another study shows that one-third of every customer watch videos on their mobile devices. It is also studied that 53% of people who watch videos on their phone pays full attention to it while only 28% of those who watch them on TV pays attention to the ads.


A new addition to the world of in-app advertising is game advertisements. These creative ads provide users a chance to interact by playing a game and watching ads. For certain types of products, this type of advertising is very useful as it will provide a ‘test drive’ to all potential buyers, convincing them to buy the product. Since mobile ads are sent to every user personally, they can engage with the target audience on a deeper level. Due to which, their conversion rate is much higher. They capture more attention and qualified leads. According to the research, the game version of ads has 16.2% engagement rates while other types of ads have a 10.4% engagement rate.


The ads that appear on the full screen and stay for a few seconds until the option to close them (“X” button) appears are called full screen advertises. Usually, these ads are placed at a certain point during the flow of video and are played for a few seconds, then the users are given the option to either skip the ad or keep on watching.

To get your audience’s attention, these ads are very useful. However, keep in mind that they should not be played in any educational video or certain videos where the user is trying to focus on the content. Otherwise, you might get negative reviews from your potential buyers and that’s the last thing you want to face.


Now, let’s find out how to plan your own mobile ad campaign


What is that you want as a result of the campaign? What is your goal? You have to clearly set your objective. There can be several reasons for launching a campaign such as creating awareness, establishment branding, improve sales, promote a specific deal and so on.


Set the target audience. Who are you going to make these ads for? Who wants to see these ads? Know your target audience and everything about them. From their needs and wants to the medium for them to watch your ads, you have to plan everything related to them.

Surveys, personal phone calls or researching the mobile landscape will help you select your target market.


Defined in the beginning are some types of ads. You can select which type do you want to go for by keeping in mind your product, your target audience and other aspects like budget, etc.

Another important thing while planning your ad type is whether your emphasis is on branding or direct sales and whether your campaign is focused on the numbers you want to drive


Mobile advertising is a valuable resource for marketers with so much potential to unlock. In these days when users are using their cellphones more than their desktops, you can take advantage of it and start your own in-app campaign. If you are able to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, you will be able to generate more leads and increase your sells in the near future.